Riza Editorial

MK3D Printing – part of the Skopje Fashion Weekend

Thanks to the young fashion designer, Irina Tosheva, MK3D Printing became part of the latest Fashion Weekend in Skopje. On this event, Irina Tosheva has presented her new fashion collection "RIZA" which is a composition of authentic national handcrafts and 3D technology.

In order the collection to be successfully realized, Irina worked closely with  the architect, Nikola Kungulovski and MK3D Printing who helped in creating and printing the 3D models presented in the collection.

The fashion collection "RIZA" is available for sale at Irina Tosheva`s studio and online at www.irinatosheva.com and www.bastetnoir.com.

Both jewelry and clothing pieces are 3D printed by MK3D Printing, and the collection is supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.

The collection was presented in Skopje Fashion Weekend and Prishtina Fashion Nights.